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VTB Security Container

High Security Container










Basic Features

High Security, Proven to be the Best of its Type, Economical to Run


For the safe transportation of valuables in non-armoured vehicles

As container for collected and deposited valuables (through sluice)

Options available

Site Protection (against theft)

Unlocking by entering code

Electronic surface protection (against cutting open)

Break-open protection (against cracking the cover)

Cash collector sluice (to deposit small containers)

Other options such as movement detectors, time limits and control lamps (LED) improve comfort and allow additional applications.

Protective Functions

Protection of valuables against theft and robbery

Protection of the courier against attacks, blackmailing, kidnapping, intimidation, brute force, suspicion

Eliminating complicity

Protection of contents through colouring

Protective Devices

Pre-set time limits for the transport to prevent being taken as hostage

Alarm and smoke or ink for colouring the valuables

Automatically activated anti-snatch protection

Surface protection

Protection against sabotage

All security functions are fully automatic and therefore cannot be influenced in any way by employees, thus complicity and blackmailing are excluded.  The courier never has any access to the transported goods so misuse and suspicions are also eliminated.


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