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VS5005 Cash Protection System

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Basic Features

A very popular solution to cash handling and used by CViT companies globally.


Sounders to indicate status of unit and sequence to warn crew operative of potential activation.  Also LED management lights showing status.

Loud Lightweight sounders that sound before and during an attack.

Pre-set facility to prevent accidental activation.

Automatic system locking of lid when closed.  Dallas key then applied to arm unit.

Dallas key needed to dis-arm and open lock - 15 seconds open, then locks again.

Remote activation and reset.

Activation occurs at the point of attack or very near it which leads to a better chance/opportunity of recovering the container and its contents and the arrest of the criminal.

Variable Timings - on request.  In addition software changes are available as extras.

2 very large and powerful smoke/dye canisters or ink available.  A marker DNA system can be supplied.

Split time activation of smoke/dye canisters to have greater effect of 'ruining' cash bags, marking notes, longer smoke emission and maximum deterrent effect on the criminal.

Very few spare parts are needed and these are easily carried at luggage or transportable by the courier inexpensively.  The working parts of the unit can be re-used after activation. Client only needs new outer GPG case and 2 x new smoke/dye units.

The maintenance is very simple, quick and inexpensive and can be done either by the client or the appropriate local servicing team.  As a result this holds down costs and gets rid of the long repair times and accompanying costs.

Very quick and easy turn-around time after activation and put back into use and not thrown away after activation.

Long battery life and simple charging technology.  Both on and off vehicle charging facility.

Easily held safely and securely in the CViT vehicle.

Dallas key management.  Additional software changes can be added as extras.

Break open automatic activation in the event of an attack.

Can be retro-fitted with water switches (optional).

Open and Closed 5 times and then must be reset by vehicle charger.

20 minute time out activation if not opened.

Very well priced for all markets.


External       520mm long x 320mm across x 160mm deep
Internal        320mm long x 300mm across x 150mm deep

Weight         4.3 kg


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