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VIPER System

8er Rack Viper freistehend 1                            CViT


Basic Features

Easy Handling - End-to-End Solution - Economical to Run





The VIPER System is the flexible, intelligent one-man end-to-end solution for professional CViT transport in non-armoured vehicles.

The destinations for the cassettes are easily programmed.  This allows a customer independent usage of the Viper Cassette.

With its lightweight cassettes and intelligent holders, the VIPER System ensures highest security against robberies, complicity and inside risk.




The VIPER System Security Cassette is equipped with surface protection

Touch key (Dallas key) opening system

Racks in vehicles with integrated power supply unit to provide communication between the racks - cassettes - driver display

Driver Display

Hand Terminal

ELP - Stick opening system (optional)


Protective Functions


Protection of valuables against pilferage, theft and robbery

Protection of the courier against attack, whether from duress, violence, kidnapping and suspicion

Protection against complicity and misuse

Protection of valuables by dyeing contents with security ink


Protective Devices


Strong cassette in aluminium

Special handle with automatic safeguard against snatch attempts

Pre-set time limits for the transport to prevent being taken as hostage

Loud Alarm

Security electric circuit for anti-sabotage protection

Staining of valuables with security ink

Safety lock (for Dallas keys)

Surface protection

All cassettes can only be opened with an electronic key (Dallas key) at the customers or at the main hub, which rules out all possibilities of blackmailing

The VIPER System can optionally be integrated by a serial interface (GPS/GSM) into the safety system of the vehicle



Type A2                    195 (D) x 250 (H) x 398 (W) mm          7.7kg

Type A3 (on request) 195 (D) x 350 (H) x 398 (W) mm          Weight of system depends on the configuration


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