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High Security Container











Basic Features

Easy Handling, High Security, Economical to Run

Any abuse or attack will automatically start the alarm and the ignition of the ink system.  The Bank notes in the VIPER System cassettes will be permanently marked by the security ink and are therefore of no value to the thief.



The VIPER Stand Alone has been designed to eliminate the pavement risk for CIT Companies using armoured cars e.g. for the protection of both valuables and staff.  For non-armoured cars we offer the model with surface protection.  The VIPER Stand Alone combines the functions of container and security case.  Its use is therefore especially designated where the valuables of the client are delivered in plastic or fabric bags or consist of loose cash.



VIPER Stand Alone Security Container

Touch Key (Dallas Key) opening system

Holder in the vehicle for the safe transport and charging of the VIPER Stand Alone Security Cassette

ELP-Stick opening system (optional)

Surface Protection for transport with non-armoured vehicles (optional)


Protective Functions

Protection of valuables against pilferage, theft and robbery

Protection of courier against attack, whether from duress, violence, kidnap

Protection against complicity and misuse

Protection of valuables by dyeing content with security ink


Protective Devices

Strong container in aluminium

Special handle with automatic safeguard against snatch attempts

Pre-set time limits for the transport, as prevention of being taken hostage

Loud Alarm

Security circuit for electric current with anti-sabotage protection

Staining of valuables with security ink in case of an attack

Safety Lock (for Dallas keys)

Site protection in the vehicle

Surface protection (optional) 



Type A2       195mm(D) x 250mm(H) x 398mm(W)         7.7Kg

Type A3       195mm(D) x 350mm(H) x 398mm(W)         Available on request

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