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Staining, Marking & Invalidation Systems

DNA Image 1DNA Markings

DNA: A DNA Marker (as part of the evidence trail) can be added to any of our carrier devices, ink, glue, smoke and will assist in conviction of perpetrators of crime.
INK: Special Inks for crime detection are also available – more information available by request.


As well as using Ink we can now spray glue over an item(s) to be protected and glue them together.  These can be fitted to a number of our carrier devices.

More information on request.

Ink or Glue BagsInk Bags

Designed to 'burst' open in the event of being present in an explosive attack.  Stains permanently and sprays ink everywhere.  Can include a DNA Marker.  Available in 3 standard sizes.  Examples of usage:  Cassettes, CViT lockers, safes etc.

Ink ProfilesInk Profiles

Two standard size profiles fitted with or without bag openers and sold as a separate stand alone unit but also capable of being fitted either as OEM or as a retro-fit to cases and containers.  High power and swift penetration.  Low power activation required. The item is triggered from any electrical alarm system or otherwise.

Ink TubesInk Tube Dispensers

Sprays under high pressure upto 700mls of Ink or Glue from one or two tubed spray heads onto the subject being protected.  Many OEM or retro-fit applications such as cases and containers.

Smoke/Dye DevicesSmoke/Dye Devices

Three standard units available which will give off smoke that either vents to the outside of the product being protected or convert to a sticky dye compound staining the contents.  Heat from the devices will 'decrepitate' and open most plastic cash bags.  Smoke creates public awareness and huge nuisance value to the attacker and the dye stains the contents.  Retro-fit to cases and containers.

Image 1 FIFA Ticketing Machine 1Dyeing System Fitted to FIFA

FIFA Ticketing Machine for South Africa Football World Cup 2010.

As an example Gehrer Sharp supplied a complete alarm system for these machines from concept to completion.  If the machines were attacked in anyway all the tickets inside were sprayed heavily with a permanent staining ink immediately recognised by ticketing entry staff.



Cash Handling Protection Systems  - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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