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Secure Storage & Travel

Document BoxNon Alarmed Security Cases with Tether

A low cost but very effective discreet solution to combat theft.  Key controlled Tethered/Securable Security Cases preventing the opportunist theft of important Documents, Laptops, Hand Guns from offices, hotel rooms, cars.  Made in aluminium, and painted or covered in leather to a very high standard.

Security TrolleysSecurity Cases

Vacuumed formed from polypropylene. Carryable and with extending handle and wheels. Ideal for cash, coins and carrying ATM Cassettes.  Perfect for the secure movement of specialist valuable items, bespoke foam inserts available.
Ideas for Usage: Car Parks, Internal Airport Collections, Inter-Country Air or Road transport.

PadlockPadlock for Security Containers

Standard security combination padlock ideal for use with the Security Cases.

GPG BoxBlack CViT Box (Cash Valuables in Transit)

Industry Standard Security Box/Case, stackable, can be hand printed and numbered. We can offer as an extra a hasp and staple closure for use by padlock or seal for additional security. Can be fitted with smoke/dye and sound alarm.

Flight CasesAirline Cases

Bespoke containers to sizes of your choice and designed for the secure and safe transportation of any product.  Can be fitted with Alarm Systems and/or Tracking.  Bespoke foam inserts available.  More information available on request.


 Nearly all of our cash carrying products CViT and Non-CViT can be fitted with a tracking unit using GPS, GSM and GPRS together.  Linked to a computer software platform which can be accessed via any computer with the correct security handshakes and code.


Cash Handling Protection Systems  - the new name for Gehrer Sharp

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