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SAT DATA Briefcase


SAT Data High Security Case 

Briefcase Contents Destroyed by Heat 






Basic Features

High Security, Subtle Appearance, Easy Handling

The SAT DATA Security Briefcase has been designed for the non-professional transport of documents and electronic data/media by all kinds of firms and private people.  In case of an attack the contents will be destroyed by heat and are therefore worthless to the thief.

Even when the data and case are stolen they cannot be used because if the SAT DATA is opened without the proper key the contents are made illegible.


Protection Functions

Safeguarding EDP carriers, microfiches and documents during short term storage and transport against blackmail, sabotage, spying and loss

Prevention of complicity and misuse

Protection of the courier against attacks and suspicion

Protection of the contents (through destruction)


Protection Devices

2 key principle, ensures the 4-eyes principle

Electronic overall surface protection

Anti-snatch grip, alarm

Protection against theft, by ripcord

Safe function with time control

Destruction mechanism (through incendiary cartridge)


The SAT has a three test system

Automatic test on power up (with acoustic signal to show it is ready for use)

Automatic battery test

Manual test option for user



Type A2      150mm(D) x 270mm (H) x 470mm(W)     5.3Kg


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