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SAT Case with Slot

  Image of SAT Case with Slot


 Basic Features

 The SAT Case is the only case with *safe function* : Two keys, overall electronic surface protection and timing mechanism.  Cutting open the case as well as forcing the hinges or locks is prevented by the overall electronic surface protection. 

Because staff never has access to the deposited money the risk of sabotage, blackmail or intimidation is eliminated.

Protection Functions

Protection of valuables whilst stationary for safeguarding of collected money against theft - Protection of valuables against snatching during transport - Protects staff against brute force and intimidation - Prevention of complicity and misuse suspicion - Protects courier against attacks and suspicion - Protection of the contents through staining

Protection Devices

2 Key principle ensures the 4-eyes principle

Electronic overall surface protection


Smoke for colouring valuables and startling attacker

Anti-snatch protection

On site protection against theft by ripcord

Holder for stationary use

Safe function with timing mechanism



SAT MC Type S        Slot 7 x 140mm    Case 120(D) x 230(H) x 430(W)mm      4.3kg

SAT MC Type A2      Slot 7 x 140mm    Case 150(D) x 250(H) x 470(W)mm      4.6kg

SAT MC Type A2      Slot 14 x 170mm  Case 150(D) x 180(H) x 470(W)mm      4.7kg

SAT MC Type M       Slot 14 x 170mm   Case 160(D) x 250(H) x 565(W)mm     6.0kg

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