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SAT Case Smoke/Dye

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Basic Features


Protection Functions

Safeguarding valuables against snatching and loss during transport

Safeguarding valuables against theft and spying whilst stationary

Prevention of complicity and misuse - Protection of the courier against attacks and suspicion

Protection of the contents through colouring


Protection Devices

2 key principle, ensures the 4-eyes principle

Electronic overall surface protection


Smoke for colouring valuables and startling attacker

Anti-snatch grip


The SAT Case has three test systems

Automatic test on power-up (acoustic signal to show it is ready for use)

Automatic battery test

Manual test option for user



Type S     120(D) x 230(H) x 430(W)mm       4.1kg

Type A1   120(D) x 270(H) x 470(W)mm       4.2kg

Type A2   150(D) x 270(H) x 470(W)mm       4.4kg

Type M    160(D) x 320(H) x 565(W)mm       5.7kg

On site protection against theft by ripcord

Safe function with timing mechanism


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Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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