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Sealable BagsSealable Bags

We supply a  broad range of sealable numbered cash bags as part of a turnkey package for the CViT and cash industry that are compatible with our security cases and containers.


Standard seals available from stock or specially printed as part of a turnkey package and 'one stop purchase' for many of our clients.


Several choices of standard warning signs from stock or specially printed as a turnkey package to complete and complement our range of security cases and containers.


Image 1 Clear Strobe LightStrobe Lights

Very strong light sometimes fitted to a case or container instead of smoke/dye, ink or glue to show an alarm situation such as airports or department stores without causing 'public alarm'. 


Vehicle Smoke 1 Vehicle Smoke

 Fitted vehicle smoke machine which at the point of attack fills the vehicle with harmless thick 'fog' smoke (glycol) making entry into the vehicle extremely difficult and virtually impossible.


PUDU  2   PUDU (Polyurethane Dispensing Unit)

Suitable for a vehicle carrying a valuable load.  At the point of attack fills the vehicle space/vault with foam that 'sets' hard in seconds.  Highly effective, proven prevention record.  Takes several hours to remove.




Nearly all of our products can be fitted with a tracker which uses GSM, GPS, GPRS and RFID.
Tracking is done by our tracking company which is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
There is a ‘process’ in place at all times in the event of it being ‘used’.


Flight CasesAirline Cases

Bespoke containers to sizes of your choice and designed for the secure and safe transportation of any product.  Can be fitted with Alarm Systems and/or Tracking.  Bespoke foam inserts available.  More information available on request.


Lloyds Brokers FoldersLloyds of London Insurance Brokers Folder 

The Sharp Family have been making these for three generations.  Available in a standard size with a lifetime guarantee.



Cash Handling Protection Systems  - the new name for Gehrer Sharp

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