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Non Alarmed Security Cases with Tethers

Security Cases                    

         Leather Pilots Case with Tether

Secured Case                  Small Firearms Case with Tether


Basic Features

These cases are secured by a simple, yet clever mechanism, using high security locks which prevent opportunist and easy theft of important, yet very portable and valuable items.

In addition the lock captures and controls a very strong stainless steel tether which secures the container into a car, office, hotel room or anywhere the case is to be left where a thief may strike.

The system and cases have been strenuously tested and approved by Cabinet Office, various Home Office, Specialist Government Departments and the UK Police Force.

The cases come in a range of sizes.

Important Points to Note:

To date, no vehicle has been found to which these products cannot be tethered.

The ordinary looking briefcases do not draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

Both the case and lock must be registered using the documentation provided.

The lock (turn and lock to remove key) is hidden under the handle at the front of the case and for security is positioned in such a way as to make it in reality impossible to carry the case using the handle without locking the case and removing the key.


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