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High Security Safe




High Security, Economical to Run, Many Applications









Basic Features

The MCB with its money drop slot is the ideal solution for safely storing valuables on site, for example as a safe in a bank, in cash handling centres or shopping mall cash area/till.  The MCB is also well suited for storing money to be collected by cash-in-transit companies.  The lightweight design allows easy installation.

Protection of the valuables by surface protected box

Mechanical lock as standard with the option to upgrade to a code-lock or electronic lock system

The MCB can easily be dismounted and reinstalled when changing room design

The lightweight design of the MCB allows easy integration in rooms and there are no modifications in the construction required


Protection of valuables against pilfering, theft and robbery

Protection of staff against hold-ups snatching, blackmailing, intimidation, attacks and suspicion

Protection against complicity and misuse

Protection of valuables by dyeing with security ink


Alarm and security ink

Surface protection and protection against breaking open of the strong box

Protection against equipment being taken away

Mechanical Lock

Electronic lock (optional)

Code Lock (optional)



350(D) x 400 (H) x 260(W)mm    

Weight      41 Kg

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Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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