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Lightweight Safe



ILS is the perfect safe to transport or to store large quantities of banknotes in an economical and safe way






Basic Features

For ease of transport only one person required for operation.

The ILS is designed to be used in non-armoured or semi-armoured vehicles.

Safe transport of valuables in surface protected box.

Mechanical lock as standard (other options are available)

When permanently installed the ILS can be easily installed in a new place in case of new room designs.

Interface with integrated power supply. (power supply: 12V from car, 230V when permanently installed)


Alarm and security ink

Surface protection and protection against breaking open of the strong box

Protection against take away of the equipment

Mechanical Lock


Protection of valuables against pilferage, theft and robbery

Protection of the courier against hold-ups, snatching, blackmailing, kidnapping, intimidation, attacks and suspicion

Protection against complicity and misuse

Protection of the valuables by dyeing with security ink

Any abuse or attack will automatically start the alarm and the ignition of the ink tubes.  The valuables will be permanently marked by the security ink and will therefore be worthless to the thief.

Due to the light weight of the ILS no special equipment for the vehicle or the on site construction is required.  Automatic functioning of the entire system.

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