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CViT Box (Cash and Valuables in Transit)

GPG Cash in Transit Box Single UnitGPG Boxes Stacked

       GPG Box Single               Unit 



  GPG Unit Stacked 

GPG Box with Hasp and Staple




         GPG Box Fitted with Hasp and Staple (optional extra)





Basic Features

This CViT box is now the industry standard

Lightweight and easy to carry


Can be secured with a one-use plastic seal, padlock or both

Standard colour – Black.  Available in other colours (minimum order quantity will apply)

Hasp and Staple version available


External       520mm long x 320mm across x 160mm deep

Internal        410mm long x 300mm across x 150mm deep

Weight         1.8 kg

  Please contact us for further details

Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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