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CViT (Cash & Valuables in Transit)

GPG Box Single UnitCViT Box (Cash and Valuables in Transit)

Industry Standard Security Box/Case, stackable, can be hand printed and numbered.  We can offer as an extra a hasp and staple closure for use by padlock or seal for additional security.  This box is now in Black.

VS5005 Image 1  VS5005

  Inexpensive easy to use, easy to remake/refurbish CViT container - now in Black.

  Lightweight CViT container at 4.3kgs.

  Fitted with two very large & powerful smoke/dye canisters.

ATM CassetteATM Cassette

Example of typical ATM Cassette. 

We have a number of products, some alarmed in various ways, to safeguard ATM Cassettes in transit and across the pavement.

Blue BoxCViT Non-Alarmed Carrier of any ATM Cassette (see example above)

 Made in polypropylene and able to hold anysize ATM Cassette.  Sealable and Padlockable options. 

Vehicle Smoke 1 Vehicle Smoke

 Fitted vehicle smoke machine which at the point of attack fills the vehicle with harmless thick 'fog' smoke (glycol) making entry into the vehicle extremely difficult and virtually impossible.


PUDU  2 PUDU (Polyurethane Dispensing Unit)

Suitable for any vehicle carrying a valuable load.  At the point of attack fills the vehicle space/vault with foam that 'sets' hard in seconds.  Highly effective, proven prevention record.  Once the system has fully activated the removal of foam and cleaning of the vault area in the vehicle to its original state can take up to 4 days.

GPRS TrackingTracking

 Nearly all of our cash carrying products CViT and Non-CViT can be fitted with a tracking unit using GPS, GSM and GPRS together.  Linked to a computer software platform which can be accessed via any computer with the correct security handshakes and code.


Cash Handling Protection Systems  - the new name for Gehrer Sharp

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