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Counter Cash

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The Counter Cash is the perfect point of sale unit to protect 'cash', 'coupons' & 'vouchers'




Basic Features

The cash, coupons or vouchers can be quickly posted away and stacked neatly in its own cassette ready for easy handling and counting later.

2 separate keys - one for removing the safe from the pedestal and one for opening the safe deposit box.

Easy to set-up at cash register area & simple to use.

Steel Housing & Robust Construction.

Reduces robbery damage and has a preventative effect on robbers.

Avoids robbery by storing banknotes safely at the cash register area therefore increasing the safety of employees.



External     240 x 100 x 230 mm              

Internal     94 x 100 x 172 mm

Weight      2.3 kg


Please contact us for further details.

Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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  • Turnkey Products
  • Cash & Valuables Carrying
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  • Cash Holding & Collection
  • Secure Storage & Travel
  • Cash & Valuables in Transit (CVIT)

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