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Compartmented Cash Safe

        Compartmented Cash Safe


 This is a unique high quality security product primarily designed for the storage of cash or other valuable paper items either in transit or within secure environments


                                                  Electronically Sealed Covers                                                                                            


 Basic Features 

The cash safe has 5 separate compartments each with an electronically sealed cover.

Two compartments have slots to allow paper entry.

An electronically operated secure keypad provides variations of use to suit individual requirements including limited or full access via user set pass codes.

Any unauthorised access causes the release of indelible dye which stains the contents.

A full operation and user history log is maintained which can be read out on a PC.

The cash safe has its own extended life power source to allow portability where required.

It can be fixed in a security case for portability.

Installed for low value sums in a non-secure location or for example inside a low specification safe.


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Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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