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CCS Si ganz 1











Basic Features

The perfect system to collect and deliver cash economically from and to customers whilst still retaining the maximum security benefit.

 Single person operation

Designed to be used in non-armoured and semi-armoured vehicles

Electronic key in form of touch-keys at the customers location

Deposited cash securely transported within the vehicle

Cash removal at the cash centre only

Prevents the CiT operative from accessing the cash at any time

Can be integrated with the vehicles alarm system


The CCS-CDS combined with the VIPER System offers a safe and economical solution for money collection and money delivery.

Method of Operation

Having collected the 'bagged' money from the customer, the courier returns to the vehicle and slides the Viper into the CCS.  The contents of the Viper drops automatically under control into the safe of the CCS.  The courier never has any access to the collected goods and there are fraud checks within the system.  Any attack or illegal act by either the courier or an assailant will automatically start the appropriate alarm system: pre-warning, loud sounder and the dispersal of security ink in order to colour the contents both in the Viper and the CCS.

Protective Functions

Protection of the cash against theft and robbery

Protects the courier against attack, whether from duress, violence or kidnap

Eliminates complicity and inside theft

If attacked the Viper or the CCS open the bagged money and spray it with security ink

External warning red smoke alarm (optional)

Protective Devices

Automatic anti-snatch protection against the pavement risk

Pre-set time limits against hostage attack

Sound alarm and ink dyeing with Viper and CCS

Surface and anti-tamper protection in the Viper and CCS

Dispenses a large volume of security ink to stain all the bank notes

The CCS CDS can be integrated into the vehicle security system (optional)

Fully automatic functioning of the entire system.  Lower vehicle maintenance costs. The customer specific software allows for the downloading of information for auditing and event management.



CCS Si Type 600 (weight with Viper Si)      520mm (D) x 420mm (H) x 520mm (W)        101.0kg

Viper Si Model A2                                     195mm (D) x 250mm (H) x 398mm (W)        7.7kg


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