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Cash Protection & Storage

GuardsmanGuardsman - "Inside" Safe Protection

The Guardsman Unit will activate in a number of ways should an attempt be made to gain illegal access to a safe or container that it has been fitted inside to secure it.  On activation it normally has smoke/dye but can trigger ink spray or any alarm system it has been connected to. The unit contains a light sensing switch which when subjected to light will ensure the  ATU  is in standby mode and will not activate.

BullhornBullhorn - Fitted to an ATM Machine

Super loud sounder system that activates in event of ATM Machine being attacked.  It has several activation triggers and as well as sound there are other offtakes including links to the alarm system for the building or security control centre. 

Money PackMoney Packs

These contain smoke/dye devices or tracking systems which are activated when stolen.
Positioned into the  ‘till’ or cash holding device and looks like ordinary money.


KnifestationSecurity with Auditable Automatic Seal Lock

The unit generates a random seal number with date and time which can be audited.  Approved by HMRC.

Can have clear window or solid steel door. Manufactured from stainless or powder coated steel.

Ideal for security key holding or other items to ensure safe management of such items. 

Counter CashCounter Cash

The Counter Cash is the perfect point of sale unit to protect cash, coupons and vouchers. Fitted underneath or by the cash till or receiving area.  Counter cash locks onto a top base plate.
The cash, coupons or vouchers can be quickly posted away and stacked neatly in its own cassette ready for easy handling and counting later.

Timed Safe with Deposit BoxTimed Safe with Deposit Slot

Ideal for cash deposits at or near point of sale in money retail operations during the day and small amounts at night (insurance levels apply).
Large protected slot for instantly posting cash away. Timed opening and entry.  Fittings supplied. Battery powered and adjustable timed opening.


Suitable for cash handling centres, drop safe door on top.
This unit provides high security for safe storage of cash and valuables on site or in vehicles.
All surface and movement detection with ink dye and 'bag openers'.
Lightweight design, easily dismounted and reinstalled.




Suitable for secure storage of large value in non-armoured, semi-armoured vehicles or cash handling centres.
All surface and movement detection with ink dye and 'bag openers'.
Automatic functioning of system.


This Valuable Transport Box is made for the safe transportation of valuables in non-armoured vehicles in a fixed position or in premises location for central depositing.  A good example is deposit bags in banking halls to be collected later by security staff.  Can be fitted onto a security trolley for ease of movement in a guarded environment.
Can be fitted with loud sounders, smoke/dye systems or ink with 'bag openers'.  All security functions are fully automatic and prevent complicity and blackmail.
No access is available to the carrier thereby eliminating misuse and suspicion.

Compartmented Cash SafeCompartmented Cash Safe

This compartmented cash safe is a unique, high quality security product.
Primarily designed for the storage of cash or other valuable paper items either in transit or within secure environments.
The cash safe has 5 separate compartments each with an electronically sealed cover. Fitted with ink.  Coded entry.


Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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