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Cash Distribution

GPG Box Single UnitCViT Box (Cash and Valuables in Transit)


Industry Standard Security Box/Case, Stackable, Can be hand printed and numbered. We can offer as an extra a hasp and staple closure for use by padlock or seal for additional security. Can be fitted with smoke/dye and sound alarm.

GPG Box with LetterboxCViT Box + Letterbox

As per above plus suitable for more rugged collections with a letterbox and fitted with manually operated smoke/dye and/or sound alarm.

VS5005 Image 1 VS5005

  Inexpensive easy to use, easy to remake/refurbish CViT container.

  Lightweight CViT container at 3kgs.

  Fitted with two very large & powerful smoke/dye canisters.

Postmans SatchelPostmans Lanyard Activated Security Unit

Designed to "drop in" to any style of sports bag, canvas bag, etc. But in particular fits into a "pocket" of the European Postmans Money Satchel.  Fitted with smoke/dye and alarm. 
Activated by the chain lanyard with suitable safeguards to prevent accidental activation.

Security TrolleysSecurity Trolleys

Vacuumed formed from polypropylene. Carryable and with extending handle and wheels. Ideal for cash, coins and carrying ATM Cassettes.
Ideas for Usage: Car Parks, Internal Airport Collections.

PadlockPadlock for Security Containers

Standard security combination padlock ideal for use with the Security Cases as above.


Cash Collection TrolleyLarge & Medium Cash Delivery & Collection Trolley

Available as Medium and Large Trolleys. 
Easily manoeuvrable. 
Ideal to transport heavyweight items such as coins over a distance.
Lockable Cash Door and ‘Drop Door’ for distributing and collecting cash with wrist operated sound alarm.




High Security Valuable Transport Trolley for the safe transport of large volumes and heavyweight items by only one person over a distance.
All security functions are fully automatic and prevent complicity and blackmail.  Fitted with powerful sounders, smoke/dye or ink systems.
No access is available to the carrier.
Ideal Usage:  Supermarkets, Airports, Shopping Centres/Malls.


The SAT CC differs from the standard model with the addition of a Cash Collector Sluice.  Can be fitted with either smoke/dye or ink staining systems.  It is designed more for mobile use because the sluice allows the deposit of larger amounts of money.
Ideal usage:  money collection from cash registers in department stores, money collection from small companies.

SAT Case with SlotSAT Case with Slot and Holder

The SAT Case with slot differs from the standard model with the addition of a money collection slot and security tether.  Can be fitted with either smoke/dye or ink staining system.  It allows the deposit of banknotes without having to open the case.  Ideal for static cash holding at remote cash desks for example, Petrol Stations, Fairgrounds, Exhibitions.  Acts like a moveable deposit safe.


 Nearly all of our cash carrying products CViT and Non-CViT can be fitted with a tracking unit using GPS, GSM and GPRS together.  Linked to a computer software platform which can be accessed via any computer with the correct security handshakes and code.


Cash Handling Protection Systems - the new name for Gehrer Sharp


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